Catalyst Arts Entertainment
Catalyst Arts synopsis- owned by Audette

Catalyst Arts is my main company & has been primarily a live entertainment at live events biz. With it I have got to help animate thousands of celebrations & develop over 100 costumed character concepts.


It has always had a bias towards interactive elements (because the magic happens in the interaction not in the passive observation). Now we are getting more explicitly experiential in our approach & execution. Live performers remain one of the most dynamic versatile element to bring ideas, themes & activations to life.
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Impact Initiatives
Party Animals impact initiative created by Audette Catalyst Arts
Elevating Solutions immersive media for good project
Catalyst Studios Logo
Catalyst Studios Logo
Catalyst Studios Video + photo studio in Berkeley, CA
Catalyst Studios photo & video studio in Berkeley, CA

Catalyst Studios is a multi-media studio in North Berkeley that I own & is available for creative shoots, brand videos, course creation & content intensives, & Luxe VIP Days. There are 2 rooms & availability for a studio share– & we are adding VR Headsets & a full capture system for Immersive Media capabilities.

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Audette Sophia body art & face paint
Catalyst Experiential - experience design & experiential events agency